Dress to impress at Casa de Campo® for that special Dominican Republic wedding!

Planning for a Caribbean destination wedding can be both exciting and challenging, especially when deciding what to wear. If you’re headed to Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic for a wedding celebration, you’ll want to dress appropriately while still looking stylish. Here we offer some advice to help you choose your attire for this special occasion.

Bridesmaids at a Casa de Campo destination wedding

Prefer lightweight fabrics for warm weather

The Dominican Republic has a year-round tropical climate, so lightweight fabrics are essential. Linen and cotton allow air to circulate, keeping your body cool and comfortable all day. When the night falls, especially in the winter, you may want to layer with equally lightweight pieces like a blazer or a shawl to stay comfortable.

Tropical wedding ceremony at our Dominican Republic wedding resort

Embrace tropical etiquette

Tropical etiquette is a dress code typically followed in island weddings. Feature relaxed fits, flowy silhouettes, and optional suit and tie or floor-length dresses, all without losing elegance. If the invitation states it, you will have many options to wear.

Women may choose a cotton sundress with tropical prints, statement jewels, and a wide-brim hat. Men can opt for a chacabana, a traditional Dominican linen shirt often worn for special occasions, fitted pants, and a Panama hat. Check out local boutiques in Altos de Chavón and La Marina, which offer plenty of beautiful and fresh options for men and women, along with quick tailoring services.

Woman in a long, flowy dress and woven hat on the steps of Altos de Chavón

Be mindful of the little details

Take into account the time and place of the ceremony and the reception to put together the final details of your attire. If the wedding is outdoors in the daytime, make sure to wear breathable makeup and apply sunscreen regularly.

You can take a hand fan or handkerchief and stay hydrated to minimize the effects of the heat. For weddings in Altos de Chavón, or beach wedding ceremonies, pack comfortable shoes suitable for walking on sand or cobblestones. Some low-heeled options include sandals, espadrilles, and loafers.

Attending a destination wedding at Casa de Campo offers a unique opportunity to experience the beauty and charm of the Dominican Republic. After following these tips, you’ll be dressed to impress while staying cool and comfortable. Pack accordingly and get ready to celebrate love in a tropical paradise!

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