Our “Meninas Dominicanas” are in Altos de Chavón!

In recent years, the art project Meninas Madrid Gallery has impacted the streets of Madrid, Spain with incredible works of art. The Meninas Madrid Gallery project consists of reinterpretations of the famous work “Las Meninas” by Diego Velázquez. They were masterfully created by the talented Spanish artist Antonio Azzato, and have been exhibited in various cities in Spain as part of his tour, proudly representing the country at the Meninas Madrid Gallery in Madrid.More than 160 meninas have been created and exhibited in different cities in Spain, as part of the Meninas Gallery.

For two consecutive years, the Dominican Republic has participated in the Meninas Madrid Gallery thanks to an initiative of the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in the Kingdom of Spain, with the support of the Punta Cana Macao Energy Consortium (CEPM) and Evergo. In 2021, the selected work, titled “Caras de Dominicana”, was created by the artist Isabella Fernández. This Menina was exhibited for two months on Calle Serrano and Calle Goya, in Madrid, Spain, and later visited different parts of the Dominican Republic, such as the National District and Punta Cana.
In 2022, the local artist Taina Almodóvar Gil created the “Caribbean Menina”, which was exhibited in the Plaza Colón in Madrid during the months of November and December. As in the previous year, the work traveled to the Dominican Republic to be exhibited and allow Dominicans to enjoy these important representations of our culture. And now, thanks to the joint effort of CEPM, the Dominican Embassy in Spain, and the Mayor’s Office of the National District in Santo Domingo, they are available in one of the most important cultural centers in the Dominican Republic: Altos de Chavón, in Casa de Campo.

Altos de Chavón, with its cobblestone streets, Mediterranean architecture, and its rich cultural essence brimming with history and charm, becomes the perfect setting to provide a picturesque and captivating atmosphere that perfectly complements the Dominican Meninas.

On the night of its unveiling, on June 15, for the first time, the Dominican Menina Caras and the Caribbean Menina were exhibited together with their talented authors: Isabella Fernández and Taína Almodóvar.

Both Sculptures will be displayed until the end of July 2023. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the Dominican Meninas, a unique experience in Altos de Chavón!

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