In today’s hectic times, we have learned to value the time we spend with our loved ones. Add to this a remarkable setting in the tropics and a clean, healthy environment and you have the key to true luxury that can only be found in Casa de Campo. We spoke with Juan Velázquez, Administrative Vice President of Costasur-Casa de Campo, about the perks that are driving more people to choose this community as their main home.

Location, Location, Location

One of the greatest attractions of Casa de Campo is its privileged location. Just 1 hour and a half from the capital, Santo Domingo, and 45 minutes from Punta Cana, the residents of this community are living in the area with the greatest economic and tourist development in the country.

“At this time, the city does not guarantee its citizens constant access to basic services, the security of feeling comfortable and walking at any time of the day or night, or being able to enjoy carefully maintained green areas and see beautiful landscapes. People don’t want to be enclosed within four walls,” says Mr. Velázquez.

Added to this, the extension of the property is compared to that of a small city: more than 28,000 km2 of open spaces with more than 2,300 properties and 300 lots give great freedom of movement and living in a comfortable and safe way.


World-Class Services

All residents and villa owners have access to basic services with high-quality standards, in addition to other exclusive benefits such as access to beaches, sports facilities for disciplines such as golf, tennis, polo, and shooting, a school that has just celebrated its 100 years of foundation, a marina for 350 large boats, a cruise port, and an international airport. As if this were not enough, throughout the year Casa de Campo has multiple entertainment and cultural proposals for all ages and tastes, such as restaurants, shops, banks, museums, cinema, nightlife, unique concerts, sporting events, and social encounters.

“All the services available in Casa de Campo are those expected in any metropolis of the world. What other residential community can offer something similar to its residents?”, adds Mr. Velázquez.

Security at All Levels

In Casa de Campo, security is not an afterthought but a part of its DNA. All entrances, the land perimeter and maritime access points are guarded 24 hours a day thanks to advanced technology and a dedicated team of guardians. In addition to housing a fully equipped fire station and a 911 ambulance, residents have one of the best medical centers in the country just minutes away from the property.

A Commitment to Efficiency

Casa de Campo is a 100% efficient community in every way: it has the ability to generate its own energy, waste is managed sustainably, buses for employee transportation use natural gas, and the general irrigation system is automated to save water according to the need of the field. Its capacity to respond to the needs of its residents is maintained with high standards of quality and organization.

“Throughout the quarantine season, Casa de Campo kept running like clockwork. Without a doubt, the engine that drives this machinery at this rate is its people. A multidisciplinary team that works with energy, commitment, and dedication, with crisis management capacity and a vocation for exceptional service”, explains Mr. Velázquez.

With over 40 years of continuous and unstoppable growth, it is easy to see why Casa de Campo is the perfect paradise for those seeking a completely balanced lifestyle.

Have we convinced you to become a permanent resident of this unique community? Contact us and we’ll assist as best as we can.


Experience Luxury

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