You already know that in the Dominican Republic summer lasts all year. But if your very first experience with tropical weather will be on your next Casa stay, it can be tough to handle without the right apparel. In this article we highlight how to dress appropriately for every occasion during your getaway.

Beachwear Essentials

Enjoy the white-sand beach at Minitas
What is the very first thing you should pack for a vacation in the Dominican Republic? Your favorite bathing suit, of course. Bikinis, tankinis, one-pieces, board shorts, swim trunks, rash guards… they are all welcome at the resort. For the ladies, another essential piece is the versatile sarong or pareo, which is a colorful, breezy fabric meant to be wrapped around the body in any way you like… even as a dress! Last but not least, a beautiful beach bag will help you carry your personal belongings to and from the beach—think about using it as your personal item at the airport to free some space in your luggage.

Enjoy the sunset at Minitas Beach Club every day

Comfortable Clothing

As islanders, we consider these three tips to be essential for a tropical fashion experience:
1. Bring every piece in cotton or linen
Check the labels before your trip to ensure you’re bringing the most adequate blends for Caribbean weather. Cotton and linen are the fabrics of choice because they are lightweight and tend to absorb a lot of moisture while allowing heat to escape the body. Other fabrics that can be comfortably worn are denim and rayon.

2. Don’t be shy with color
A tropical vacation is the perfect scenario to experiment with bold color combinations that will look hot on your Insta. Stun in an all-white ensemble for dinner, let your most colorful sundress flow with the wind, or try to pair some pastel-toned capris with a fun patterned shirt.

3. Always choose comfort and protection
This is a well known fact around here: Both Chavón’s cobblestone streets and Minitas Beach are not high heel-friendly, so save your pumps and platforms for another time. Instead, bring your cutest sandals, moccasins, espadrilles or flip-flops to care for your feet. Additionally, sunglasses and hats will double as both fashion accessories and a shelter from the blazing Caribbean sun.

Take into account that some of our restaurants, bars and lounges don’t allow swimsuits or informal wear, suggesting instead a casual or casual elegant dress code. Confirm with your preferred places before going.
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Sports Attire

It’s not a Casa de Campo vacation without some sports! Pack your best golf, tennis or polo outfits to impress in and out of the course. If you plan on doing water sports such as snorkeling, paddle surfing or fishing, we provide equipment in case you don’t bring your own. Be sure to check your airline’s policies on golf clubs and sports equipment before travelling.

Extra Space for Shopping

That’s right! Casa de Campo is a perfect spot to apply your light-packing skills, because you can get almost anything you need around here. Since we provide every guest with room towels and beach towels—one of the bulkiest items in every baggage—, you will have extra room to shop in our exclusive stores and gift shops at the Marina and Altos de Chavón. Whether you want an extra bathing suit, a nice new outfit, or jewelry that can only be found on this island, take your time to select something special without the fear of not being able to close your luggage.

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