Everyone is planning their next leisure trip, but how long is too long for a perfect vacation? According to a study, 8 days is the perfect length for enjoying all its benefits without getting bored or having negative thoughts. With this in mind, we made an itinerary of everything you could accomplish in a week and a day at Casa de Campo.

DAY 1: Relax, you made it!

After a safe flight to the Dominican Republic, a shuttle picks you up from the airport, you receive a warm welcome from the team at our front desk, and in a few moments you will finally take off your shoes and lay into one of the most comfortable beds you’ve ever been in. It’s time to get acquainted to your room or villa: take a repairing siesta, watch some cable TV, take a relaxing bath, and when you feel like exploring the resort, grab the map and the keys to your personal golf cart. We promise it’s going to be a fun ride!

DAY 2: Explore at your own terms

It’s fairly easy to get everywhere you want at the resort. After a hearty breakfast, decide if you want to marvel at the beautiful colors of the Marina, stroll at the cobblestone streets of Altos de Chavón, or dip your toes at the warm waters of Minitas Beach. Just know that wherever the day takes you, you are able to enjoy delicious meals, snacks and drinks at any of the resort’s restaurants and bars.

DAY 3: Try a new sport

Feeling full of energy already? It’s time to burn it by practicing your long-time favorite sport or trying a discipline that gets you out of your comfort zone. Golf is the indisputable king around here, but the other sports available can stand their ground. Whether it’s tennis, shooting, water sports, equestrian sports… you and your companions will sure have a blast sharing your experience over a nice dinner.

DAY 4: Get to know the island

Sure, Casa de Campo offers everything you might need during your week-long vacation– and a lot more. But after all, you are in paradise, and we encourage you to know a little bit more of it. Ask for our special day tours to Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, so you can experience firsthand its history as the first city of the Americas at the charming Colonial Zone. Or perhaps you prefer to explore two other mini-paradises that are full of surprises: a boat ride will take you to Saona and Catalina islands, where you can swim between coral reefs, taste the catch of the day and get handmade souvenirs from the locals.

DAY 5: Party hard!

Casa de Campo is mostly known as a relaxing destination, but there are plenty of activities going on all year long. Check the official calendar to see what new concerts, parties, dinners or charity events are going on at the time of your stay. And if you find no highlighted events, you will always have fun nights at Genesis Night Club, SBG, or any of the bars and restaurants in the area.

DAY 6: Casa de Campo and Chill

By now, we are sure you have a favorite spot at the beach or the pool for reading, snapping selfies, or just soaking up the views. But now is the time to bring things up a notch by switching to a 100% relaxation mood. Don’t be shy and take advantage of our spa treatments that range from facials, body wraps, sauna with Hot & Cold pools, to more holistic experiences like private yoga lessons, and many types of massages and more.

The Marina at Casa de Campo

DAY 7: Do it again

Today’s formula is very simple: do more of what you loved at the resort. The choice is entirely yours!

DAY 8: Time to go back

Yes, you’re sad about leaving. But according to the study we mentioned earlier, you just had 8 perfect vacation days full of cool things to do, and after our designated shuttle leaves you at the airport to take a plane home, from now on you will relive the memories of your stay. So don’t hesitate to post your #Throwback pics, on instagram or facebook, as soon as you land; it means you will have plenty of time to plan a new escapade at Casa soon enough.

Our dedicated Vacation Planner team will help you schedule activities for every day you spend at Casa de Campo Resort & Villas. Call our Travel Experts at 855-877-3643 to book your vacation and make the most out of your 8 days in paradise.

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