Casa de Campo Resort & Villas is known for its beautiful beaches, award-winning golf courses and luxurious accommodations, but did you know it also boasts the most comprehensive shooting facility in the Caribbean? Next time you vacation at Casa de Campo, why not try something new? Our shooting facilities offer something for everyone, from beginners to experienced game shooters. Here’s everything you need to know about shooting at Casa de Campo Resort & Villas.


The Facilities:

Spread over 245 acres of La Romana countryside, the Casa de Campo shooting facilities have over 200 stations for sporting clays, trap, and skeet shooting as well as an impressive 110 foot tower—one of the largest in the world—for projecting sporting clays at various speeds.

Our flexible layout and realistic conditions offer you the opportunity to truly feel as though you’re shooting wild game in their natural habitat. In fact, more experienced shooters can do just that, with our driven pheasant, duck and partridge shoot, and two pigeon rings.

The course is designed with all skill levels in mind and our clay flight patterns are changed daily so even the most frequent shooters can have an exciting and challenging session.

One of the most important parts of our outstanding shooting facility is our experienced and personable staff who are on hand to give tips on proper technique and safety. It’s recommended first-time shooters take a lesson, however, our expert instructors also offer lessons to the more experienced shooters to help you hone your skill and aim. Our lessons make a great team building and group activity, as does our course.

Clay Shooting 101:

Historically, shooting game was a necessity, providing sustenance for those able to hit their target. It gradually evolved into a hobby, initially for the wealthy and elite, and now is a fun pastime for everyone to enjoy.

A clay is a 4-inch clay disk that is shot through the air at speeds upwards of 41 mph. This clay target is meant to simulate the movements of wild game such as grouse, duck, pheasant, quail, and even rabbit. The direction, height, and speed of clays are adjusted to test the range and skill of each shooter and further mimic the erratic movements of hunting in the wild.

At Casa de Campo Resort & Villas, gun rental and ammunition are included with each round of shooting, allowing guests of all skill levels to participate.

Shooting Options:

Trap: Trap shooting involves 5 different stands where you shoot at clays moving away from you at a consistent height.

Skeet: Our skeet shooting involves eight positions with clays crossing in front of you at both low and high heights.

Sporting Clays: This most accurately mimics the movements of live game, with each target moving at a different height, speed, and position.


Thanks to the Dominican Republic’s beautiful climate, our shooting facilities are open year-round. Lessons are available daily from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and our staff is always ready to help you plan a group or team event.

Shoot to win:

2017 brings an exciting first to the shooting range at Casa de Campo Resort & Villas: our 1st Annual Sporting and 5-Stand Pro-Am Clay Shoot Tournament! Join us March 4-8, 2017 to test your skill and win prizes including resort credits, a 4-bedroom villa vacation, and cash! Visit to learn more or contact Gary Salmon at with your questions, or to reserve your spot.


Make a visit to the shooting range part of your next Casa de Campo vacation! Check out our Dominican Republic vacation packages and special offers and start planning your trip!

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