There’s nothing better than finding a perfect spot at the beach and knowing you won’t have to leave it in the next few hours because your beach bag is full of everything you need. We put together a small list of must-haves, both online and offline, to help keep your day relaxing and worry-free while you’re out of your room exploring the resort.


A portable charger 

Don’t miss your chance to snap that perfect sunset selfie at the Marina because your battery is low. Keep your phone at 100% with an extra charger so that you can take full advantage of your camera, your music player and your group chats, as well as the official Casa de Campo app, where you can book restaurants and resort activities, keep your room in order, and even use your phone as a mobile key.


A Good Book

Catch up on your reading while lounging on Minitas Beach. Sip on one of our famous piña coladas served in fresh pineapple, and sit back on a chaise with the book that everyone’s talking about.

Beach reads on Minitas Beach, Casa de Campo Resort.

Photo credit: @gissellefrias


A change of clothes

Wanting to change scenery without going to your room to change clothes? Reach out for a fresh change of clothes in your bag to go from beach bum to dinner-ready. Pair a cute dress like the one below with a pair of sandals that double as a stylish, comfortable option for a beachside lunch at the Beach Club or a casual happy hour at La Caña bar. Visit our stores at Minitas, Marina, or Chavón, and browse their trendy and classic fashion selections.

Photo: La Plage Minitas


A Pair of Sandals

If you are planning an excursion to Catalina Island ­– and we recommend you do – sandals are a must! Slide on a pair of sandals and walk around the island, exploring this piece of the Parque Nacional del Este and watching the wide array of native birds. Pack a pair of sandals like the ones below, which double as a stylish – yet comfortable – option to carry you from day into night.

Stylish sandals by Sperry are one of Casa de Campo Resort's beach bag must haves.

Photo credit: @sperry

Waterproof sunscreen (and your sense of adventure)

With Casa de Campo’s proximity to beautiful reefs and neighboring islands, it would be a shame to spend your whole day on land. Slap on some high-SPF factor, waterproof sunblock, and book an excursion to Saona Island. Snorkel the beautiful offshore Palmilla Beach – with its shallow waters and starfish studded seafloor – all while protecting your skin from the hot rays.

Snorkeling in the clear Caribbean waters of the Dominican Republic at Casa de Campo Resort & Villas

From kicking back on the beach to exploring the warm waters that surround La Romana, Casa de Campo specializes in worry-free, luxury vacations. Visit our Vacation Packages and Offers page to plan yours today.

Plan ahead and don’t miss anything that Casa has to offer. Get to know the resort before your arrival by downloading the official Casa de Campo app on App Store or Google Play.

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