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World Class Shooting

There´s no greater test of concentration and coordination than sport shooting and no resort can match the shooting excitement found at Casa de Campo´s Sporting Clays Shooting Center! Set on more than 245 acres, the Shooting Center features over 200 stations for trap, skeet and sporting clays including one of the largest towers in the world, pigeon rings, and an airy Safari-themed clubhouse. Now with two new facilities, the Palm Tree Kennel and the Bird Preserve.

In 1984, the owners of Casa de Campo´s made a conscious decision to detour from the traditional, meticulously cared-for grounds of many shooting centers, and strategically grew a dense mesh of foliage over 245-acres to create the most comprehensive shooting facility in the Caribbean. In 1986, Casa de Campo's Shooting Centre came to life simulating true, in-the-wild, shooting experiences for shooters of all ages and skill levels.

The flexibility of the layout, the course, stations and flight simulations are some of the many wonders of this facility! It was designed so that marksmen can progress from station to station in tournaments or individually, as they would at shoots where wild game abound. The focal point of the Shooting Center is the formidable 110- ft red & white “tower” which projects sporting clays - which simulate in flight quail, partridges, ducks and other birds, from three levels to a variety of heights that range up to 135 feet into the sky!

For the less adventurous, the Safari Club Bar at the Shooting Center is a great place to kick back when you´re parched for a drink. If you would like to test your aim, the resort Inclusive Supplement includes 25 shots of sporting clays for each adult!


2015-2016 Shooting Center Rates
One (1) Skeet round (25 cartridges) USD 38.00
One (1) trap round (25 cartridges) USD 38.00
1 Skeet or trap lesson USD 19.00
One (1) sporting clays round (100 cartridges) USD 176.04
1 sporting clays lesson USD 53.00
25 trap pigeon (50 cartridges) USD 415.00
Quail / per unit USD 13.00
Partridge / per unit USD 25.00
Pheasant / per unit USD 25.00
Mallard USD 25.00
Cartridges cost, per box of 25 units. USD 16.00
Cartridges not included for pheasant, partridge, duck, quail or dove shooting. 
Doves seasonal, price on application  
Reservations are required for all shooting activities.   

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“Shooting here is great fun as there is such a tremendous diversity each day,” stated one guest coming out of the Safari Clubhouse. With over 200 stations featuring Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays along with a Pigeon Ring and a new Bird Preserve, the Casa de Campo Shooting Center provides endless options for the novice and expert alike, as well as for team building and competitive shooting.


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One of the great things about this sport is that everyone can shoot... men & women of all ages! And, it is a sport in which families can participate together! Basic shooting orientation for all ages is available as well as more advanced instruction if requested. Safety is number one, and gun safety is a part of every shooting lesson at Casa de Campo.

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The Palm Tree Kennel is a beautiful facility at the Casa de Campo Shooting Center and offers expert dog training and boarding for villa owners and guests who want to bring their dogs on vacation. Dogs must have a veterinary certificate for international travel and all injections must be current, and advance reservations are required. Please verify all requirements for international pet travel with your airline. Dogs are permitted only at the kennel, and not in the resort hotel rooms or villas.

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