Hurricane Protocol

In the Dominican Republic, throughout the year we enjoy beautiful and calm seas, gorgeous beaches and sunny skies, but during storm season (June 1 – Nov 30), it is possible for hurricanes & storms to occur in this part of the world.

When and if a storm warning is announced, you will be notified by a written notice sent to your room or villa, and/or by a phone call made to your room or villa by one of our representatives.


  • Remain calm. Our staff has been trained in every aspect of storm preparedness and safety. We will guide you safely through the storm.
  • Secure your passport and other important documents in the safe deposit box located in your room or villa. Make sure to secure your money, jewelry and other belongings of value. For your own safety, please resist the urge to keep these items with you as they may be easily lost or misplaced. Please note that the hotel is not responsible for valuables.
  • Pack a small bag with essential personal belongings such as: medicines, towels, contact lenses, bath articles and clothes you can be comfortable in for up to 24 hours. If you have small children, remember to pack baby food, diapers, bottles or formula, and one set of clothes for each child.
  • Pack your clothing and non-essential personal items in your luggage and place in plastic bags, which will be provided by the Housekeeping Department. Leave your luggage in your room or villa. Do NOT bring it with you to the shelter area.
  • When indicated, you will be asked to depart your accommodation to go to the Flamboyan Conference Center in the main area near Reception, the designated HURRICANE Shelter at the resort. When you depart, lock your room and remember to take the key with you.
  • Once inside the Conference Center, stay away from windows and doors, and remain in the shelter until further instructions are given.
  • At the shelter, first aid services will be available and breakfast, lunch or dinner will be served if the Storm Warning is still in effect during any of these mealtime hours.
  • When a Storm Warning has been issued, a special number will be activated exclusively for emergency calls regarding the arrival of the hurricane and any specific questions you might have. The number is Ext. 44
  • Rest assured, our Reception staff in the hotel will assist you in contacting relatives if needed before-and-after the hurricane.
  • Stay calm. It is important to remember that THESE storms do not just appear. We are given ample warning time to make the needed preparations, and for you to get to safety. If you follow these simple steps and any further given instructions, you will be safe.

If, within 48 hours of your scheduled arrival, a Hurricane Watch* or Hurricane Warning* is issued in La Romana, Dominican Republic, your city of origination, or in your travel route and you cannot arrive, you may cancel your reservation and receive:

  • 100% credit towards a future stay at the resort
  • Cancellation penalties waived
  • Future stay is subject to availability and prevailing rates for the season selected
  • Valid to both group and individual guests within one year from dates of original dates of travel

If, while you are a guest at the resort, a Hurricane Watch* or Hurricane Warning* is issued for La Romana, Dominican Republic, you may depart early and receive:

  • 100% credit on the deposited, unused nights remaining on your visit to be credited towards a future return visit within one year
  • Cancellation penalties waived
  • Future stay is subject to availability and prevailing rates for the season selected
  • Valid for both group and individual travel within one year from dates of original dates of travel
  • The resort will also provide all possible assistance to facilitate departures and guest safety

* Applies to hurricane watch and hurricane warning as defined by and issued by the US National Weather Service.


Main number: (809) 523-5333
Toll free number from the US: 855-877-3643
Toll free number in the DR: 1-809-200-1304
Concierge / Guest Services: 809-523-3333, ext. 44