Traditional Treatments Meet Modern Wellness at Our Dominican Republic Resort Spa

Tatiana Bido, Aesthetic Content Manager at NewBeauty, recently reconnected with her Dominican roots with a Moringa-based treatment at the newly unveiled Spa at Casa de Campo. Our 18,000-square-foot facility offers a diverse range of cutting-edge spa services and wellness experiences, blending luxury, wellness, and sustainability.

We collaborate with Moringaia, a family-owned, natural skin care brand from the North coast of the Dominican Republic, to marry indigenous knowledge and ingredients with modern wellness techniques. Moringaia’s mission to end deforestation and support local communities deeply resonates with The Spa’s vision. The Spa incorporates the incredible benefits of the Moringa plant, also known as the ‘miracle tree,’ in the service menu. The moringa plant has long been cherished in the Dominican Republic for its numerous health and beauty benefits. All parts of the plant – leaves, seeds, and roots – are used in traditional and modern medicinal practices

Every aspect of the spa experience, from the private gardens to the locally grown produce at the Spa Cafe and Juice Bar, is designed to reflect our commitment to sustainability and honoring local resources.

A relaxing spa room with an outdoor zen patio at Casa de Campo Resort and Villas.

Read Tatiana’s stellar full article at NewBeauty.

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