La Carmela Wins the 2022 Polo Challenge

On April 16th, we concluded our Casa de Campo 2022 Polo Challenge, that was filled with an atmosphere of live music and a group of diverse individuals across the globe. The two teams that competed were La Carmela and La Romanza. La Carmela won the 2022 Polo Challenge with a 11-8 lead against La Romanza; making it their third win from the polo tournaments this season. Since La Carmela is on a hot winning streak this season they have become the strongest polo team of the season. Overall, the Casa de Campo 2022 Polo Challenge was a remarkable experience for everyone that was able to attend. There was so much fun for everyone to enjoy and they had the opportunity to mix and mingle with people from different backgrounds. What makes Casa de Campo an amazing resort is how often we host events, competitions, and much more for everyone across the world. Casa de Campo is a place for everyone, whether you are here to relax and enjoying vacation with family or friends. It is also the place for champions to come and show off their skills to the world.

Learn more about the 2022 Polo Challenge here.

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