Casa de Campo is Picture Perfect

In today’s generation, everything is about finding the perfect aesthetic and if you can create the most beautiful photo to share with the world on your social circle. Since our world has changed we no longer have to send our family and friends postcards when we are away. Instead, we can take a photo and share it online for them all to see and instantly respond with their reaction to it. There is no longer a need for “I wish you were here” because, with the help of social media, everyone can create content to make others feel as if they are with them. Casa de Campo has been featured as one of the top 7 Instagrammable Hotels Across the Globe by International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF). Our tropical playground has a backdrop at every angle for everyone to find the perfect photo to share with their social circle. Whether you are soaking in the sun on Minitas Beach, taking a swing on Teeth of the Dog® , or enjoying the most beautiful views of the sunset from Altos de Chavón. No matter where you are at Casa de Campo, you will find the perfect photo op across the entire resort. 

Marina Casa de Campo

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