One full day of golf.

One full day of challenges.

One full day of unforgettable memories of taking on and overcoming the ultimate golfing experience: Dye Fore at Casa de Campo® Resort & Villas. Sixty years of passion, experience, and technical brilliance from legendary golf course designer, Pete Dye, have gone into creating Dye Fore, one of the hidden golf course gems of the Caribbean.

Dye Fore, Casa de Campo Resort

This is not a course for the fainthearted, but for the demanding golfing purist who wants their scorecard to be under par at the end of the day, and not the experience.

Nearly every step of this epic 27-hole course will need to be walked. There’s no hiding the fact that this is a tough physical and mental challenge. But every step will be worth it on this golfing odyssey to remember.

Dye Fore is a golfing challenge that will test both the seasoned pro but also delight the beginner. The 7,740-yard course shows off the Dominican Republic at its most beautiful – breathtaking cliff-side holes along the banks of the Chavón river, rolling hills, and beautiful lakes.

However, these rewards will need to be earned by those who accept the challenge with a whole day required to take on and tame Dye Fore.

You’ll need an early start and a boost of energy with a delicious fulfilling breakfast either in your luxury villa or buffet-style at Lago Restaurant, with spectacular golf course views overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Then, it’s time to tee off and take on Dye Fore.

Stop for lunch at Altos de Chavón to top up the tanks and then onwards and upwards (and downwards) to overcome one of the toughest challenges Pete Dye has ever devised with 27 holes to drive, chip, and putt your way through.

That rewarding drink in the 19th hole – or the 28th hole in the case of Dye Fore! – will be truly earned. You may then want to unwind and soothe those tired muscles with a pampering spa massage, take in a movie, relax by the pool or enjoy some world-class cuisine and start to look back on those freshly created memories of a golden day of golf.

This truly is the ultimate golfing experience that will test both your skills and stamina. But fore-warned is fore-armed with Dye Fore.


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