At home, it’s becoming easier to make environmentally friendly choices. But how can you keep up with your eco-friendly lifestyle while traveling? At Casa de Campo we are aware of the importance of offering eco-friendly activities and facilities. Here are five ways you can increase your green factor during your stay. The earth is everyone’s home, so we all have to work together to take care of it.

Go Paperless
The Casa de Campo Mobile App


The Casa de Campo app will help you keep track of your booking details, activities, itinerary, and even your dinner reservations, directly from your phone or tablet. You will even use it as a mobile key instead of carrying a physical one to open your room and make requests to the concierge without a phone call. Within the app, you can also access many international media outlets such as The New York Times, WSJ, or BBC World News so that you’re always up to date with daily news around the world.

You can find essential information about the resort in the form of QR codes both in your room or villa, and in most public areas of the resort such as the main lobby, restaurants, and sports facilities. With our complimentary Wi-Fi, you can access this information on your smartphone anytime you need it.

Use Eco-Friendly Products

When you’re visiting a warm and sunny Caribbean destination like Casa de Campo, sunscreen is on your packing list. But did you know that some sunscreens leave a chemical residue when they wash off in the ocean? Before you travel, pick up a safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly sunscreen that will help protect both your skin and the environment.

At Casa de Campo, we’re proud to use L’Occitane products, which are certified organic, as well as Le Couvent des Minimes, an all-natural skincare line with a commitment to environmentally friendly production and development. You can enjoy complimentary toiletries from these brands in your private bathroom.

You can also do your part while staying at the resort. One way to save water and resources is by letting the staff know to not change your bedsheets and towels on a daily basis. Additional information can be found on the sustainability cards available in your room or villa.

Also, did you know all of our rooms and villas include complimentary golf carts? And our suites feature electric carts! Electric golf carts are an eco-friendly option, and Casa de Campo is committed to developing more sustainable efforts every day. As the saying goes, “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints”. 🍃

Golf Carts
Leave Nature Clean and Undisrupted

Casa de Campo has a wide range of outdoor activities, both at our 7,000-acre resort and in our local surroundings. Exploring the resort is now a greener activity with our electric golf carts, available for guests in the hotel and all golf courses.

Beyond our amazing beaches and rivers, guests can partake in fulfilling excursions with a very reduced environmental footprint. Visit historic sites at Santo Domingo, take a Catamaran to Catalina Island, explore the depths of Las Maravillas Cave, zip line over the lush flora of the Dominican Republic, and more.

The best way to have an eco-friendly vacation is to leave the areas you visit just as you found them. As the saying goes, “take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints”.

Catalina Island Caribbean Excursion Eat Local

One of the most exciting aspects of travel is getting to try new food. In Casa de Campo, our Chef Anthony Masas has created an acclaimed culinary experience focused on fresh, local, seasonal flavors with a global influence. If you love fresh seafood, don’t miss the innovative cuisine with Caribbean flair at the Beach Club, or the fresh selection of Mediterranean delicacies at La Casita restaurant. To try a more traditional Dominican fare, be sure to have lunch at Lago Restaurant.

Casa de Campo is currently supporting the FUNDEMAR organization in their local reef conservation and restoration project in La Romana. The “Plato Solidario” initiative encourages diners to try a delicious Dominican-style fried Chillo, and for each dish you order at the Beach Club, the resort donates $3 to FUNDEMAR.

Dining at Casa de CampoAlso, all restaurants and bars offer biodegradable straws to mitigate the impact that one-use plastics have on our environment.

Electric Car Chargers

Being on vacation doesn’t mean you have to change your commitment to the environment. At Casa de Campo Resort & Villas we’re proud to offer two level 2 and level 3 charging stations, thus reaffirming our commitment to support electric mobility, the preservation of the environment, and the generation of sustainable tourism in the Dominican Republic. These stations are located at the Marina and the Cacique parking lot.

Cargador Autos Eléctricos - Marina

Connect With Nature in Mind, Body, and Spirit

Spend time at Casa de Campo connecting with nature and with yourself. Walking along Minitas Beach, snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea, or kayaking down the Chavón River are some ways to enjoy the outdoors to its fullest. Our Equestrian Center and guided horseback rides are a wonderful way to take in the sights and embrace La Romana’s beautiful natural surroundings.

At the Casa de Campo Spa, we use local, organic ingredients, elixirs, and aromas to help you feel refreshed, reinvigorated, and inspired. Enjoy a spa experience that’s good for your body, your soul, and the planet.

With these helpful tips in mind, you’re all set to enjoy an enjoyable and eco-friendly Caribbean vacation at Casa de Campo. See you soon!

Carton pack water

We are pleased to be part of the Only Water RD project, as the first hotel in the Dominican Republic to offer water in carton packs to its guests and clients. This initiative will benefit the environment, contributing to the reduction of more than 50% of the carbon footprint thanks to the manufacturing processes of the product in eco-friendly packaging.


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