Traveling has always been a memorable and exciting experience. However, our travel habits have changed globally in a very short time. The possibility of hiring private jet services to reach your destination is more current than ever, and at Casa de Campo we are ready to help you with a friendly, profitable and personalized process.

Such was the experience of Juana Rodríguez, administrator of a yoga retreat center, who traveled on a private flight from La Romana International Airport to Colombia during a challenging moment in her life.

Going the extra mile

Ms. Rodríguez was in Casa de Campo with her mother, who had suffered a fall and was in the process of recovery. When they planned to return to Colombia, they began to receive conflicting news about the closure of borders and the cancellation of commercial flights due to COVID-19, so they made the decision to return on a private flight. With the help of Vanesa Cueto, a broker at our jet concierge team, they managed to obtain a humanitarian permit to fly.

“It was clear that in order to hand over the house and for mom’s health, we had to go private.  We handed over our documents to our broker, Vanesa, and she applied for humanitarian approval on our behalf,” recounted Ms. Rodríguez. “Vanesa made it happen. She had all the contacts and the procedures which were crucial in this situation. We relied heavily on her for the humanitarian permits. Without her, mom’s health would have deteriorated further.”

Private Jet Interior

Safety first

One of the biggest advantages of a charter or private flight is the possibility of traveling only with people from your inner circle in the cabin and reducing exposure to the coronavirus at embarkation ports thanks to simpler migration processes. In addition, the opportunity to fly to and from any airport without depending on its commercial routes makes getting to Casa de Campo faster and more accessible. Imagine waking up early in the United States and being in La Romana playing golf or sailing at noon!

A Commitment to Efficiency

Finally, our experts in private jet service guarantee you total privacy, global coverage, 100% personalized attention and 50 years of experience serving the needs of the most demanding guests, celebrities, and visitors. For us, luxury and comfort always go hand in hand when it comes to your next trip to paradise.

Experience Luxury

Whether you´re looking for a family vacation or a golf getaway with your buddies, we have an offer just for you.



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