How did your Casa de Campo story begin?

In 2016 I was working abroad, in Mexico to be more precise. I got a call inviting me to join the team. I didn’t think twice. I always had a very nice memory of coming to Casa de Campo on weekends as a child with my grandparents.

5-star service all the time

What is your role as Resident Manager and what is it that fills you most with satisfaction?

I am in charge of strategizing the daily operation of the areas of the hotel that are in constant contact with guests, villa owners, residents, and their guests. I also take care of the “back of the house” areas such as laundry, housekeeping, transportation, and departments such as the hotel reception, rooms, VOC, beach, Family Program, among others.
The most interesting thing about my duties is that I have a very dynamic day, no two days are ever the same. I have the opportunity to interact with guests and villa owners, and this day-to-day for me is a privilege.
A very important aspect is that I also have the opportunity to work with a team that is committed to the vision of the company and that is always committed to giving better experiences to those we serve.


Anticipate the guests' needs

What strategies do you follow in order to treat each of your guests in a personalized way?

We always try to anticipate the guests’ needs. We draw on our knowledge of the guests to be able to understand them and design their experience before they arrive and during their stay. Each guest is different, so we base the strategies on them and what they want, then from there we take care of it.
What I can tell you is that we always try to give the guest the ability to disconnect, so that they feel that they have a whole team on stage and behind the scenes dedicated to seeking that unique experience for which Casa de Campo is known worldwide. We are here for them.

Elite Dominican Republic Resort Hotel Suite at Casa de Campo Resort & Villas.

In your opinion, which attractions do you consider most important in Casa de Campo?

Human talent is our number one attraction. Then we have the development of a property like no other in the world, the security and privacy we provide, and world-class facilities such as the Teeth of the Dog® golf course and the best shooting center in the Caribbean.

How has your department adjusted to the new health and safety protocols? 

The new reality is a topic that is already part of our daily lives, therefore the team has understood how crucial it is to adapt the protocols not only to their workplace, but also to their daily lives. We are in constant change and the ease of adaptation in these times is essential to be able to move forward.

Equestrian and Horseback Riding at Casa de Campo

Experience Luxury

Whether you´re looking for a family vacation or a golf getaway with your buddies, we have an offer just for you.



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