Traveling as a family doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor.

In Casa de Campo Resort & Villas we make sure to provide a relaxing, luxurious and fun experience for every family member. With plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to choose from, parents and children will have the time of their lives during their stay

Explore Sports and Excursions for Everyone

The outdoor entertainment options at Casa de Campo Resort & Villas will ensure that there is something for everyone, including a variety of sport sand excursions. You could get the whole family together for around of golf, a friendly tennis tournament, a unique Donkey Polo match or a shooting competition, not to mention our wide variety of water sports.If you want to get to know the Dominican Republic more in depth, we offer several family excursions that range from zip lining, buggy riding, horseback riding to visiting Santo Domingo, the capital city, and taking a tour at Las Maravillas Cave to learn stories of our Taíno ancestors. Upon arrival, let us know your interests and we will help you craft your perfect family day

Family Activities at Casa de Campo Marina in the Dominican Republic

Family Pool, Shopping, Fine Dining and More

Minitas Beach is home to a brand-new Family Pool, a space where everyone can relax, shop and have fun. If you are in the mood for something sweet, try a refreshing tropical smoothie from the Squeeze!Juice Bar. To have a delicious, casual lunch such as pizza, grilled meat or freshly made ceviche, just got he Brasa and Masa food trucks located nearby. Every Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm, kids can enjoy Camp Frost: a day full of games and activities at the beach.Both Altos de Chavón and La Marina are safe, awesome places for children to run around and discover something new. Activities like going to the movies, attending a concert at the Chavón amphitheater and getting artisanal Dominican souvenirs for each family member are perfect ways to have lots of fun.Family dinners are a great way to bond after a long day of sightseeing. There are several dining options at Casa de Campo Resort, both offering casual and fine dining experiences. We recommend Chilango Taqueria, Lago Restaurant and Causa to bring the kids in a more relaxed setting, as well as the Brasa and Masa Food Trucks located near the family pool at Minitas Beach

Professional Nanny and Babysitting Services Also Available

You love your family–especially your kids–but that doesn’t mean you want to play parent through your entire vacation. We want to ensure your luxury vacation at Casa de Campo Resort by offering daycare services, day camps and nanny services designed to fit your needs. That way you can find abalance between family time and personal time.

Family program services include: 

  • Toddlers ‘N’ Casa (ages 1-3, full or half day option)
  • Kidz ‘N’ Casa (ages 4-7, full or half day option)
  • Casa Tweens (ages 8-12, full or half day option)
  • Bonche 4 Teens (ages 13-17, full or half day option)
  • La Vecindad Casa de Campo (an early education program for preschool children)
  • Nannies are available from 8 am–5 pm with a maximum 3 children per nanny, nighttime services require a minimum 3 hours from 5 pm–12 am.

You can still have a luxury vacation and bring the whole family. Villas have options for four to ten bedrooms you can take everyone and still enjoy having your private space. With activities for everyone and daycare options available there is no comparison when looking for luxury vacation rentals in the Caribbean

Review our different packages and promotions and get ready to book your VIP experience today.






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