Without a doubt, Casa de Campo is a 100% photogenic resort. In every corner, architecture and nature blend into new, superior landscapes. We have gathered ten photographs to inspire you to point and shoot your vacation memories, next candid moments between friends and family, or even your next profile picture. We love seeing our guest’s pictures, so don’t forget to tag us on social media!

1. Strike A Golf Pose

Our three golf courses offer strategic challenges for players of all levels, but also dazzle with breathtaking landscapes at every hole. Thanks to Pete Dye’s design vision, golfers can enjoy incredible views of the Caribbean Sea, play on a cliff-side course near the Chav├│n River, and also take a few minutes to perfect their favorite golf pose for the cameras.

2. A Foodie’s Dream

Which one is the best angle to shoot your meal? Fans of food photography don’t have the right answer, but it has a lot to do with every chef’s creative way of presenting their dishes. With a wide variety of restaurants in the resort, you can take your brunch, lunch or dinner to the next level… just by raising your phone camera as high as you can to try your luck.

3. “I Woke Up Like This”

Each and every one of our villas, with their different architectonic styles, form ideal scenarios for gorgeous and impromptu photo shoots. The only effort you will make is to find a perfect caption for the new pics!

4. Chav├│n’s Wonders

The cobblestoned streets of Altos de Chav├│n turn this Mediterranean-style villa into a backdrop full of magical moments at any time of the day. The best photos can be taken at the Chav├│n River viewpoint, inside the amphitheater and inside the illuminated mini forests. Don’t forget to snap a memory with Margarito the donkey near the church!

5. Strike A Golf Pose (at Night)

Multi-color LED golf balls fill the night sky at our Night Golf party
Nocturnal photography presents various technical challenges, but also out-of-the-box results. A good place to tinker with your camera’s configuration is at the Night Golf party, celebrated every Friday at the Teeth of the Dog┬« practice range. In a field illuminated with bright targets and multicolor LED balls, have fun experimenting to obtain highly creative pictures.

6. By The Sea

Beach portraits are a classic that never disappoints. It is the perfect chance to show your best smile and your beach body, as the photogenic Caribbean waters complement your happiness. For frame-worthy instants, take advantage of the light provided by sunrises and sunsets.

7. An Original Sport

Donkey Polo is a great and fun activity for groups, families and friends traveling together
Did it every occur to you that you could be playing Donkey Polo with the family? It is certainly a moment that can only be experienced at Casa de Campo, and sharing the photo album at the end of your vacations will be an experience almost as fun for those who watch.

8. Let’s Go On a Yacht Ride

The heart of Casa de Campo Resort and VillasÔÇÖ ocean playground is the Marina
If you plan to use a yacht for partying, fishing or just to ride it at sea, pictures of this maritime escapade will be commented by all your followers and friends.

9. The Perfect Splash

For professional and amateur photographers alike, pool parties are safe places where you can test your skills to capture spontaneous jumps, daring pirouettes and a lot of joy from kids and adults alike.

10. Pure Romance

Casa de Campo offers infinite opportunities to rekindle the love flame
Casa de Campo offers infinite opportunities to rekindle the love flame. Treasure the memory of an unforgettable sunset, an exquisite dinner and a few glasses of wine with the person you love. If a selfie doesn’t capture all the splendor of that moment, any person nearby will be pleased to take a beautiful photo like this one.

Experience Luxury

Whether you┬┤re looking for a family vacation or a golf getaway with your buddies, we have an offer just for you.



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