If your New Year’s Resolution is to embrace a healthy lifestyle and achieve your fitness goals, the fitness experts at Casa de Campo are here to help you do it! Our state-of-the-art facilities, highly trained staff, and breathtaking location provide the perfect combination for you to kick off a year of fitness and wellbeing. Here are some tips for achieving your fitness goals.

Find an activity you enjoy.

Yoga on the beach in Dominican RepublicDo you enjoy exercising outdoors or do you prefer to be in a gym? Do you like working out on your own, or in a team or sports setting? Finding activities that you enjoy doing make it much more likely that you will maintain your exercise regime, and that you’ll have fun! Here at Casa de Campo, we offer a wide variety of activity. The views from our trails make for a lovely run, a round of tennis provides excellent cardio, and our kayaks offer a great upper body workout. Take advantage of our equestrian facilities to try your hand at polo, or head to our Fitness Centre for a Zumba class! Of course, no trip to the Caribbean’s best golf resort would be complete without a round on one of our courses.

Get expert advice.

To achieve your fitness goals in a healthy and sustainable way, consulting with a professional is a must. Put your best foot forward with a consultation at our physical therapy center! Our sports medicine and physiotherapists can give you a full evaluation to help you steer clear of injury. For help creating a fitness regime, turn to the experts at our fitness center for guidance. Our personal trainers are more than happy to work with you to design a program tailor-made for you and your fitness goals.

Grab the right gear.

Ensuring you have proper attire and equipment for your chosen activity not only makes it easier, but it can make it safer for you too. Dressing the part can help you feel more comfortable and able to tackle your new exercise, and every bit of motivation helps. From trendy fitness clothes to sport-specific accessories, it’s definitely worth finding the right gear for you and your chosen regime. Check out the shops at Altos de Chavón or at the Casa de Campo Marina for unique clothing, footwear and more that will maximize your routine and keep you looking good while you do it!

Plan your meals.

When it comes to staying healthy, exercise is only half the battle. Developing healthy eating habits is an essential part of achieving your fitness goals! We’re pleased to offer a wide variety of light and healthy options at our resort restaurants. If you’ve rented a villa for your stay at Casa de Campo, take advantage of our Chef In Villa service! Watch and learn as our professional chef creates delicious and healthy meals in your villa kitchen. To maintain a balanced diet, plan and prepare your meals in advance, and don’t be afraid to indulge in a tasty cocktail or decadent dessert every now and again!


Getting in shape can be hard work but adopting a healthy lifestyle is an incredibly rewarding experience, and it can be fun, too! Especially when you’re kick-starting your fitness program with a sun-filled Dominican Republic vacation at Casa de Campo Resort and Villas! We wish you the best of luck achieving your 2017 Fitness Goals.

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