Polo horse at Casa de Campo Resort.

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While other areas of the world are ramping up for cold weather and winter sports, here in the sunny Dominican Republic, we’re trading in snow for the polo green. Once the Sport of Kings, polo is no longer reserved for the aristocracy. At Casa de Campo, we’ve made polo more accessible than ever to players of all ages and abilities during our polo season, which runs from early November to April.

With three sprawling 300-yard playing fields, one practice field, and the largest string of polo ponies under a single brand, Casa de Campo is proud to help bring the elite world of polo to the Dominican Republic and our guests. Whether you plan to play with colleagues, friends, or family, here’s a quick guide to the gear you’ll need to look like a seasoned pro.

The Gear

Fake it until you make it! Part of building your confidence in any new sporting endeavor is looking like you know what you are doing. In professional polo matches, each club has their own logo, matching polo shirts, and even distinctive helmet colors to differentiate themselves on the field. Your first match may not be as high-profile, but here are some items you’ll need to make yourself look like you belong on the field:

Mallet: A polo mallet is your weapon of choice for sending that ball into the opposing team’s goal. The length and weight of your mallet will depend on your height and strength, as well as the height of your pony. A leather wrapped grip and thumb sling keep your mallet in hand, even while at a full-gallop.

Riding Boots: Leather riding boots – preferably brown – that fall just below the knee for comfort and flexibility while you ride.

Knee Pads: Galloping around at high speeds, you’ll need all the help you can get gripping your saddle and staying in your seat. Leather knee pads will not only help you stay on your mount, they’ll come in handy should you have a run in with a mallet or another rider.

White Trousers: This relic of tradition might seem impractical, but white trousers are your key to looking the part. White denim or chino are the standard, but white riding jodhpurs are a welcome (and much more comfortable) substitution.

Helmet: Even the most experienced riders wear protective gear. Keep your head in the game and out of the emergency room with a well-fitting riding helmet. Look for one with an adjustable chin strap, secure clasp, and visor to keep the afternoon sun out of your eyes and on your competitors.

Collared Shirt: There’s a reason it’s called a polo shirt! Look for a short-sleeved, cotton blend, collared shirt to stay cool and look the part. Polo pony logo optional.

Accessories: If you’re ready to commit to the full-look, you can accessorize with gloves, wristbands, face mask, spurs, and a whip or riding crop. Throw around some insider words like chukker, right-of-way, and ride-off, and you’ll look right at home on the playing green!

To find out more about Casa de Campo’s equestrian facilities and plan your exclusive polo experience, visit our equestrian page to book today.

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