Hosting your one-of-a-kind wedding at Casa de Campo? Putting together a Welcome Kit for your guests, when they arrive at the resort, is a fun and gracious way of saying thanks for attending. Not sure what to include in yours? No problem – we’ve listed our top ten destination wedding kit essentials:


10. Individualized Calendar of Events & Activity Suggestions

It’s a good idea to let your guests and bridal party know when and where they will be required for different wedding events. Let them know what events are optional and which ones (like the ceremony) they shouldn’t miss. It’s also helpful to include some activity suggestions for guests to enjoy during their downtime.

9. Sunscreen

The sun burns bright in La Romana. Avoid having everyone in your party look like lobsters in your wedding photos by including some SPF 20 or higher sunscreen in your welcome kit.

8. After Sun

Even though you’ve looked after the sun care, there are likely to be at least one or two guests who get too much sun. Help relieve the pain, and soothe their skin by including some After Sun lotion.

7. Premium Dominican rum

Rum is a staple liquor of the Dominican Republic, and a great local gift to include in your welcome kit. Include a note inviting your guests to join you for a welcome toast upon arriving.

6. Ibuprofen

For those guests who overdo it on the wedding cheer. A travel-sized package of Ibuprofen will be a godsend to those who may have indulged in a one too many Coco Chanels at The Beach Club.

5. Blotting Tissues

It can get warm in the Dominican Republic. Help your guests look their best by providing blotting tissues which absorb extra oils and moisture, leaving the skin looking and feeling refreshed.

4. Beach Read

Why not choose a great book for each guest to read while enjoying a little downtime at the beach or pools? Need some inspiration? Check out our favorite beach reads.

3. Sweet & Salty Snacks

Most people have a preference for sweet or salty snacks. Plan for both guest preferences by tucking away a few treats of each kind for guests to enjoy as a post-ceremony snack.

2. Tote Bag

To hold all of the other Welcome Kit items, and afterwards, it can be used as a beach bag for the rest of the trip. Our Casa de Campo Beach totes are perfect! Made of canvas or jute, these totes will hold all of your Welcome Kit items, and make for a lovely keepsake. Keep them simple, or customize them with silk-screening. Talk to your Casa de Campo wedding coordinator to learn more.

1. A Hand-Written Thank You Card

A personal, handwritten note is a great way to let your guests know how much you appreciate them being there.

Our expert wedding team is happy to help you prepare your perfect Wedding Welcome Kit! With these carefully select items along with some personalized extras just from us, your guests will be feeling welcome and pampered when they arrive for your big day. What else would you include in your destination wedding welcome kit? Comment with your answers!

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