There’s nothing better than a refreshing cocktail on a warm summer’s day, and now that summer is just around the corner we’re craving something that’s stylish, tasty and has a kick of Caribbean spice.

Enter ‘Il Trinitario’ – a spicy twist on the classic Negroni. Negronis are characteristically bitter, but the tequila and chocolate in this recipe offer a smoother flavor and elevate this aperitif to something elegant and impressive. It’s a signature cocktail here at Casa de Campo Resort, and we’re sharing the recipe with you so you can bring the taste of Casa de Campo home. Whip up one of these, sit back and sip, and pretend you’re at the bar in Minitas Beach Club basking in a warm Caribbean breeze.

 Recipe:Il Trinitario cocktail at Casa de Campo

1oz White Tequila
1oz Cinzano Sweet Vermouth
1oz Campari Bitter
1/2oz Chocolate infused with chili liqueur

1: Combine all the ingredients in a mixing glass.

2: Add cubed ice and stir until cold.

3: Strain into a rocks glass with fresh ice.

4: Garnish with a dehydrated orange wheel.

Want to compare your version with the real thing? Book a Casa de Campo Vacation and order an Il Trinitario from one of the comfortable cabanas at the pool.


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