Vacation is all about relaxation and soaking up as much ‘you’ time as possible. At Casa de Campo, we invite you to escape the day-to-day, and enjoy the finer things in life. While your vacation should undoubtedly be full of R&R, indulgence, beach days, and adventure, you may find yourself looking to keep things in moderation with a little physical activity.

Fortunately, staying fit while on vacation is simple at Casa de Campo, and you’ll still have plenty of time to bask in the sun! Read on for some of our favorite tips for feeling great and staying active during your vacation.

  1. Walk as much as possible.
    One of the best ways to experience a new destination is to simply get out and walk! Pick up the dog from the kennel, or simply put on your comfortable footwear and head outdoors for some sightseeing and activity. This is an easy way to make sure you hit daily movement goals (you’ll see the steps add up quickly if you’re using a Fitbit or another type of fitness tracker), and you’ll have fun doing so!
  2. Mix exercise & adventure.
    Exercise doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym (although, if you’re a gym-goer, we offer plenty of group classes, a state-of-the-art gym, and personal training options, too!). Disguise fitness and make it fun! Try a game of tennis, saddle up at the equestrian center, or enjoy some water exercise by going snorkeling, kayaking, or swimming. All of these activities are perfect for getting your heart rate up while having a great time.
  3. Enjoy resort activities.
    Take advantage of Casa de Campo’s scheduled activities, ranging from a morning yoga class right on Minitas Beach, a Zumba or CrossFit class, to an outdoor excursion into Las Maravillas Cave, or ziplining through spectacular views. Vacation is the perfect time to try something new.
  4. Go for a run.
    For a hassle-free workout on the road, go for a run! Apart from a pair of sneakers and some shorts, you don’t need any special equipment. Be sure to ask our staff for recommended running routes, or explore sites like MapMyRun to get an overview of the area and discover shared routes other runners love.
  5. Hit the course.
    A favorite pastime for many of our guests, golf is an excellent source of exercise. From cardiovascular exercise, to strength training and coordination, hitting the course contributes to overall health as you reap the benefits from fresh air, movement, and fun. Discover the three legendary golf courses at Casa de Campo.

Casa de Campo is the perfect destination for an active vacation offering plenty of ways to keep fit and have fun. Discover more things to do during your stay, and don’t forget to indulge in a little ‘you’ time with our selection of wellness services, including spa treatments, fitness classes, physical therapy, and so much more.

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