Food plays a major role in the formation of a cultural identity and the Dominican Republic is no exception. With a blend of Spanish, indigenous Taíno and African influences, Dominican cuisine offers an array of amazing dishes that are sure to please any palate. And since no travel experience is complete without a taste of local cuisine, we’ve compiled a list of must-try foods and drinks to give you an authentic Dominican experience during your stay at Casa de Campo.

Mangú: A staple of a good Dominican breakfast, mangú consists of mashed plantains topped with sautéed onions. Add some queso frito (fried cheese), eggs and salami and you’ve got los tres golpes (the 3 hits) that will give you the fuel you need to hit the golf course all day long. Or enjoy a long nap on Playa Minitas beach.

Quipes: A Dominican spin on the Mediterranean dish kibbeh, a savoury mixture of meat (usually ground beef), peppers, onions and raisins is wrapped in a bulgur wheat mixture and fried.

La Bandera: La Bandera is the quintessential Dominican dish. The main components of the dish embody the country’s tri-color flag (hence the name): rice, for the white of the flag, beans for the red, and meat for the blue (just trust us on this one). As you explore the DR you’ll see this dish on the menu almost everywhere you go.

Sancocho: This hearty stew is one of the most central dishes to Dominican cuisine. Try our version at Lago Restaurant made with seven types of meat, root vegetables, plantains and an abundance of herbs and spices.

Lambi (stewed conch): More than just a pretty seashell, conch provides a delicious meat that is a must-try for any seafood lover. Try it at Lago in an authentic creole sauce served with fried plantains.

Shrimp Asopao: If you still can’t get enough seafood, shrimp asopao is the way to go! At Lago this hearty shrimp and rice soup is taken to the next level with added Mamajuana!

Empanadas: These tasty pastry pockets can be made in a variety of ways – from savory to sweet. Try the cassava empanada – a Dominican favourite – served with savoury meat at Lago Restaurant.

Morir Soñando: To wash down all of these delicious dishes sip on the refreshing drink Morir Soñando. Made with orange juice, condensed milk, cane sugar and ice, as the name implies you can “die dreaming” about this heavenly concoction!

Majarete: We can’t forget dessert! This smooth and silky corn and coconut milk pudding is the perfect way to top off any meal during your stay here.

Now that we’ve whet your appetite, what dishes are on your list to try when you visit us? Book a stay at one of our luxurious and private villas, order our chef-in-villa service, and prepare to satisfy your curiosity! when it comes to your appetite, your wish is our command!


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