What’s better than vacationing at Casa de Campo? Living here! There are countless benefits to being a villa owner, but these are the top five reasons to own a little piece of paradise.

1. You’re on vacation 24/7.

The best part of owning a piece of paradise is that you’re always on vacation! Villa owners experience all the benefits of Caribbean living from their own private retreats.

Casa de Campo residents stay active thanks to the incredible variety of sports available at the resort, as well yoga classes and our state-of-the-art fitness center.

2. It’s a smart investment.

There are no restrictions regarding the foreign ownership of real estate in the Dominican Republic. You can purchase property with the same rights and obligations as a Dominican citizen. That’s why smart investors have been buying real estate at Casa de Campo for a number of years.

Our Villa Rental Program takes all the stress out of renting your villa when you’re not enjoying it yourself. Let us take care of finding tenants, collecting payment, property maintenance and all the other aspects of renting your villa. This program eliminates any worry or hassle, which means you’re free to simply relax and enjoy the time you spend here.

3. The dining options are to die for.

At Casa de Campo, you can explore the world through food. Each of our seven signature restaurants specializes in a different cuisine, led by expert chefs. Try Spanish tapas one night and creative, fresh sushi the next. Craving comfort food? Head to La Piazzetta for handmade pasta dishes, or visit Lago Restaurant for traditional Dominican cuisine.

After dinner, check out one of the resort’s many bars or lounges for a nightcap.

4. The Dominican Republic has beautiful weather year-round.

Casa de Campo really is a tropical paradise! In the summer, temperatures range from 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit, or 23-32 degrees Celsius. When temperatures are at their hottest mid-day, simply cool off by taking a dip in the pool or the ocean!

In the winter, temperatures hover around 65 degrees Fahrenheit, or 19 degrees Celsius. Talk about a welcome escape from the winter blues!

5. You’re part of a fantastic community.

When you live at Casa de Campo, you become part of the Owners Club, and the best community in the Caribbean. Not only will you make some incredible friends, but your kids will too! Casa de Campo offers programs for all ages.

Resort events like concerts, parties and sporting matches offer a chance to connect with other residents and make memories with friends.


Are you looking for your Caribbean dream home? Learn more about Casa de Campo Real Estate here.

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