COSTASUR Casa de Campo®



Costasur establishes the guidelines and oversees every aspect of residential and commercial dealings at Casa de Campo®. A property on the scale of Casa de Campo requires a skilled and passionate group of people to ensure daily operations run smoothly, and the future of Casa de Campo remains bright. In addition to ensuring the lights stay on, the water is potable, and the grounds are immaculately manicured, Costasur also manages human resources, guest services, and future development of Casa de Campo. Costasur is responsible for the following services:

General Administration

  1. General Administration of the project
  2. Accounting and Treasury
  3. Human resources
  4. Informatics
  5. Sales/contract management
  6. Services to customer
  7. Stores

Planning and Design

  1. Planning urban development of Casa de Campo
  2. Establish and monitor compliance with regulations and building designs
  3. Approvals of plans and designs for new homes and renovations


  1. Maintenance of operation of the energy of the project system
  2. Measurement and residential and commercial electricity consumption billing
  3. Electrical infrastructure and equipment for sectors and residences
  4. Electrical facilities for housing including meters, Bank of transformers, other equipment and electric appliances
  5. Appliance repairs


  1. Telephone system for the community and the Casa de Campo Hotel Management
  2. Internet network management
  3. Management of CATV services

Engineering and Maintenance

  1. System management of aqueduct and Casa de Campo water treatment plant
    1. Includes raw water and treated water
    2. Setting up of residential water meters
    3. The consumption of residential and commercial water billing and measurements
  2. Of the air and the common pool maintenance
  3. Administration system and garbage collection and pruning
  4. Administration of the maintenance of the road system and roads (golf and pedestrian) and supervision of new works vials
  5. Offers services for plumbing, carpentry, painting, sale of gas propane, fumigation to residences, pools and maintenance filter systems, installation of water heaters, stoves, and air conditioning, among others.
  6. Maintenance of beaches

Golf courses and green Areas

  1. Administration and maintenance of five golf courses
  2. Landscaping and green areas, public and residential project management

La Romana Country Club

  1. Casa de Campo private Club Management
  2. Services include private golf, Spa, gym, swimming, restaurants and bars, tennis and classes for physical well-being, scheduling several activities for members, events and banquets

GEO Costasur

  1. Properties Disclaimer
  2. System Management land titling project


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