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Corporate Activities

Team-building activities, excursions, and meetings

Build Team Spirit

Spending time together outside of the boardroom is an important part of building strong teams. At Casa de Campo Resort and Villas we offer a wide variety of exciting and engaging activities designed to help strengthen teams, provide corporate incentives, and offer entertainment and fun for all.

With three world-famous golf courses on site, a relaxing round can help form strong bonds and team spirit that can carry over into the boardroom. And for non-golfers, we also have a relaxing spa, and endless array of outdoor sports—including tennis, shooting, and equestrian activities—not to mention beautiful beaches, and guided offsite excursions. Once the sun goes down, enjoy entertainment like bands and orchestras, wine bars, nightclubs, live music, or even a moonlight stroll along the Marina.

Get in touch with our meetings experts to find out how to add the “wow” to your next event.

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Enjoy a fun adventure through the cobblestone streets of Altos de Chavón as your team searches for clues to complete a questionnaire about this historic village. Our staff will facilitate this excellent team-building activity that takes about an hour to complete.

Get sporty and engage in a little friendly competition with our Beach Olympics on Casa de Campo’s own private Minitas Beach. Activities include:

  • Beach volleyball
  • Balloon toss
  • Tug of war
  • Egg spoon competition
  • Basket contest
  • Sack race
  • Best cheer competition
  • Kayak race
  • Sand sculptures

We will provide and event coordinator and all the required equipment, all you need to bring is the team spirit.

Even if you’ve never ridden a horse, you too can become a championship polo player by adding in a little bit of cowboy spirit. Donkey Polo is played on our very own Dominican Burros and is as much fun for the spectators as it is the players. Two opposing teams of four riders each try to carry a small ball into the opponent’s goal using a broom, on the back of a donkey. This hilarious event lasts for about an hour, and we provide a facilitator as well as a microphone and sound system for the all-important color commentary.

Donkey Polo Match
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