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Hubert Keller
Hubert Keller, a Frenchman classically trained by France’s top Chefs, Paul Haeberlin, Gaston Lenotre, Paul Bocuse, Jacques Maximin and Roger Verger, is one of America’s most widely recognized and acclaimed chefs. He has owned and operated Fleur de Lys in San Francisco, Fleur by Hubert Keller and the widely popular Burger Bar in Las Vegas.

Chef Keller has won numerous awards, the James Beard Foundation’s “Best Chef: California” the prestigious Who’s Who in Food and Beverage, Ten Best Chefs in America, by Food & Wine Magazine and Restaurant & Institutions gave him its Ivy Award.

Chef Keller has cooked for several United States Presidents and was the first guest chef invited to the White House by President Clinton.

Chef Keller is also known for his many performances on Top Chef , Top Chef Masters and Top Chef Just Desserts.

Keller has appeared on “The Chew” on ABC, “Regis & Kelly” on ABC, “Rachel Ray”, “The Travel Channel“, “ The Food Channel Network”, “The Real Housewives of Orange County”, “Good Morning America”, “Hell’s Kitchen” with Gordon Ramsay and “Bizarre Foods” with Andrew Zimmern. Chef Keller’s also owns his cooking show, Secrets of a Chef, (6 seasons) on PBS, while filming, in cities like Rio de Janeiro, Las Vegas, San Francisco and back home in France.

Chef Keller is the author of three cookbooks, The Cuisine of Hubert Keller, Burger Bar, Build your Own Burgers, and his latest cookbook Hubert Keller’s Souvenirs.

Chef Keller is also known for his generosity and support for a wide range of educational, charity and community events around the country.
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Akira Back
Akira Back, the name that is synonymous for cutting cuisine and exquisite taste in the restaurant and hospitality industry. A first-class and world-renowned idealist who is a revered chef and has triumphantly built a global empire over the past two decades spawning 25 cutting edge locations operating around the world with more on the horizon. In addition to his lengthy resume and accolades that continue to mount, Back is persistently on the forefront of innovation and artistry.

Born in Seoul, Korea and raised in Aspen, Colorado, Akira Back moved to the rocky mountain state at the age of 15-years-old for his father to pursue the family business. Back picked up snowboarding as a hobby which led him to pursue the professional circuit where he appeared in a handful of extreme sports movies and garnered praise from the sports top trade publications. During this time, Back began working at a local Japanese restaurant to supplement his income. After seven years on the pro-snowboarding circuit, Back realized that he felt the same thrill in the kitchen as he did on his board, shaping his decision to pursue a full-time culinary career.

Back attended and completed his cooking education at the International Culinary School at The Art Institute based in Colorado, establishing the framework of his technique and amplifying his knowledge of Asian cooking, allowing him to incorporate his artistic vision and Korean heritage. Combining his passions for adventure, travel and culinary exploration, Chef Back has created a diverse portfolio of restaurants and lounges around the globe which pride themselves on creating innovative culinary experiences combined with a social atmosphere and elegant ambiance.

His restaurant locations include Las Vegas, Paris, Beverly Hills, Dubai, Riyadh, Toronto, San Diego, Singapore, Istanbul, Doha, Marrakech, Dallas, Delray Beach, Bangkok, Orlando and Seoul. With new Locations on the cusp in London, San Francisco, Rome, Boise, Bali, Jakarta, Cairo, Montana and Florence.
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