Shooting Center

The most comprehensive shooting facility in the Caribbean

Ready. Aim. Fire.

For an authentic in-the-wild shooting experience, look no further than Casa de Campo’s spectacular 245-acre Shooting Center. With over 200 stations for sporting clays, not to mention trap and skeet shooting, plus the main feature, a 110 ft. tower that projects sporting clays—one of the largest in the world—our facility is the most comprehensive in the Caribbean.

Shooters of all ages and skill levels will be delighted by the flexibility of the layout and the realistic conditions that simulate shooting wild game in their natural habitat. The course has been designed so shooters can progress from station to station in tournaments or individually for a challenging and exciting activity the whole family can enjoy.

Sport shooting is also the perfect activity for a group event and team building, not to mention recreational fun and more competitive training.

Shooting Options at Casa de Campo

Discover the thrill of shattering a four-inch clay disc hurtling through the air at speeds of upwards of 41mph with a well-aimed shot.

The Shooting Center at Casa de Campo offers over 200 stations for trap, skeet, and sporting clays along with two Pigeon Rings, Colombaire pigeons, and a driven pheasant, partridge, and duck shoot.

Simulated Sporting Clays

Sporting clays provide realistic hunting simulations of game like grouse, partridge, pheasant, duck, rabbit, and quail. The clays move at different heights and speeds to test your range and skill. One of our most popular challenges replicates a combination of running rabbits and flying birds simultaneously—a true test of your speed and accuracy.

For first time shooters, our professional staff is on hand to provide guidance and instruction on proper technique and safety. Frequent shooters need not worry about getting bored either, we change the clay flight patterns daily to ensure every time out is a new and exciting experience.

Experienced Shooters

For more experienced shooters, the Shooting Center offers driven pheasant, partridge, and duck. Dove shooting is available on a seasonal basis. We also offer walked up quail shooting in the early mornings and late afternoons and Colombaire pigeon.

Additionally, we offer two Pigeon Rings where birds are released one at a time, and the shooter has two shots to down the bird inside the ring. This challenging sport is a difficult test for even the most skilled shot.

Shooting Rates

One skeet round (25 cartridges) $38
One trap shoot (25 cartridges) $38
Skeet or trap lesson $19
One sporting clays round (100 cartridges) $176
Sporting clay lesson $53
25 trap pigeons (50 cartridges) $415
Quail $13/bird
Partridge $25/bird
Pheasant $25/bird
Mallard $25/bird
Cartridges (25/box) $16/box

*All shooting prices are per person and lesson and include fee, clays, tax, and service charge. Prices are in USD and are subject to change without notice.
Please note: Cartridges are provided for pigeons, but not for pheasant, partridge, duck, quail, or doves.
One round of 25 shots is included in the Casa de Campo Vacation Experience.
Villa owners: Use your Courtesy Card for a discount

For more information on driven shoots, please email us or contact us by phone at 809.523.3333, please ask for Shooting Center.

Shooting Lessons

Get some helpful tips from our professional and knowledgeable instructors. Newbies will learn basic shooting orientation, while more experienced shooters can fine-tune their abilities. Safety is the number one priority for all shooters, and gun safety is part of every lesson.

Shooting can be fun for the whole family—even kids. We understand parents’ immediate concern about kids and guns. What you must teach kids from the onset is respect for the gun, just as you would an automobile. Both can be lethal if not used with caution and education.

Lesson Price
25 Skeet or Trap lesson with instructor $57
Sporting clay lesson with instructor (100 shots) $229

*All prices are per person and include lesson fee, clays, tax, and service charge. Prices are in USD and are subject to change without notice.
Villa owners: Use your Courtesy Card for a discount


Lessons are available daily from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
To book, please call (809) 523-5145 or reserve online.

Shooting FAQs

Q: What is the difference between trap, skeet, and sporting clays?
A: Trap: Five stands with all targets moving away from you. Skeet: Eight positions with clays coming from both a low and a high tower, crossing in front of you. Sporting Clays: Each position is different and simulates the movements of live game.

Q: How did this sport start?
A: In the past, game was killed for sustenance. Gradually, as this stopped being a necessity, shooting and hunting evolved into a hobby often enjoyed by royalty and the upper classes. Today, shooting and hunting is enjoyed by a wide range of individuals.

Q: What is unique about the Casa de Campo Shooting Center?
A: In addition to being the largest facility in the Caribbean, our incredible staff is really what sets us apart. Plus, the wonderful weather in the Dominican Republic allows shooters of all levels year-round access to facilities to hone their skills.

Q: How can I begin to shoot?
A: We recommend taking a private lesson from our team of professional instructors. You’ll learn basic shooting techniques, as well as proper gun safety.

Q: Can I rent equipment?
A: Gun rental and ammunition are included in the price of your round of clay shooting.

Q: Who can shoot?
A: One of the great things about sport shooting is that it really is for everyone!

Q: How do I get a gun permit?
A: If you plan to bring your own gun to shoot at the Shooting Center, you must complete a Permit of Entry Form and return it via email or fax to the Shooting Center at least three weeks prior to your arrival.